Renovation Services

We offer all types of renovation services for your investment property. We guarantee all of our work, and only use licensed and insured sub-contractors for our jobs.


We can have quality tile put in your rental that will not have to be replaced like carpet would every several years. In all of our personal rentals we have begun tiling as much of the units as we can. Its easier to clean, maintain, and it looks great. All of the tile we use has a minimum PEI rating of III. We use only quality flex mortar and grout.

$5 / sq. ft.

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Price includes labor and materials (tile,grout,mortar). If we have to use backer/cement board it will be an additional $1 / sq. ft.

New Carpet

We can replace the carpet in your rental with a neutral color "renter" grade carpet. This price includes installation of carpet and high grade pad. We also can tear out and haul off the old carpet for an additional $.35 / sq. ft.

$2.07 / sq. ft.



Your property will be painted with premium quality Behr paint on the walls, ceilings, trim, and doors.

1 bedroom - $950
2 bedroom - $1150
3 bedroom - $1550
4 bedroom - $1900
5 bedroom - $2250


Price will vary for exterior painting upon inspection. Once a thorough inspection has been completed we will assess any wood rot repair, caulking, etc. that needs to be done and submit our proposal to you. Price will include all materials, pressure cleaning of home and driveway.





Fences & Decks

We only use two carpenters(Matt & Trevor) for our fences and decks. They give us unbeatable prices because of the volume of business we give them. We have many more pictures of jobs they have done for us upon request. Pricing will vary depending on specifications of each job, as every job is unique.

Hardwood Flooring Installation & Refinishing

Our hardwood flooring installation and refinishing looks amazing. We typically use red oak #2 which is 100% real wood (not manufactured or engineered).

$8 / sq. ft. - Installation/Material/Refinish
$4 / sq. ft. - Refinish